tspSTORYTELLER is the provision of strategy, messaging, and the delivery of creatives to our clients to bring life to their EVP in the candidate market. It is a differentiator for your recruitment process, positioning your brand as one that cares about candidates in a deeper way.

creatively taking your story to market

Our goal is to engage top talent and enrich the candidate experience on your behalf, through customizable solutions that help grow your organization. We drive your brand through our creative content, while attracting candidates through proven recruitment marketing techniques and engaging them with your story. Our designs and catchy copy support recruiters in finding the right talent at the right time.

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our solutions:

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evp accelerator

A young organization moving quickly, may not have the luxury to spend a year in marketing R&D to conduct large and time-consuming focus groups to understand what makes the brand and culture unique. We can provide you a fast-tracked R&D opportunity, while pulling driving employee and company themes, values, and brand nuances that can carry your story to market. Your brand will continue to develop as your story unfolds, but EVP Accelerator gives it a strong footing, fast.

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brand ambassador playbook

A detailed guide of best practices and directional steps for recruiters and employees to share your story and opportunities in the market to both raise brand awareness and attract top talent through call-to-action messaging. Includes:

  • Social media strategy
  • Brand ambassador guide
  • Infographics, video ads and copy templates
  • And much more, customized to your needs

candidate engagement portal

Our Candidate Engagement Portal is a hub of information about the client brand, its culture, interview process information, and more. Includes:

  • Catchy attraction language
  • Creative visual aids
  • Highlights parts of your story that candidates care about the most
  • Utilized by recruiters, integrated into their process
  • Ensures no candidate communication is missed

our process

your unique brand

First we uncover what makes your brand unique. We do lots of listening and learning.

creatives and campaigns

Then we create a plan to share your story through creative messaging and assets. We implement strategy and turn it into tangible assets recruiters can use to campaign your opportunities.

become a brand ambassador

We drive your EVP as the leading narrative to attract the right talent. Our toolkit houses information that will turn the team into brand ambassadors.

target your profiles

Your story is taken to market through an omni-channel approach. We will optimize applicable mediums to target your unique personas and profiles.

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brand consulting

We believe a collaborative partnership where creatives meet recruitment subject matter experts, is the formula for the best storytelling methodology and presentation to deliver excellence to the candidate experience while connecting candidates to your opportunities.

As brand consultants, we will work with you to optimize:

  • Your Assets
  • Your Employer Value Proposition
  • How to Best Share Your Story Online and Your Market

Throughout, we will make recommendations based upon our knowledge of the candidate market.

The Outcome: You will have an organized recruitment marketing strategy.

measuring our impact

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we believe in a partnership—we believe in the power of personal.

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