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CEO, $2B Biopharmaceutical Company
TSP was able to help us in one year recruit a staff increase of 50%. Their concept of taking on the recruiting needs for us in a fast growth operation was more efficient and helpful than hiring a staff of HR people inside to do this.
CEO, Specialty Pharmaceutical Company
TSP’s commitment and coverage is complete. From entry-level operators to Ph.D. scientists, TSP has delivered strong candidates to all of our hiring managers.
VP, Sales, Top 15 Biopharmaceutical Company
TSP has a unique talent search approach that yields candidates that meet business needs with the right cultural fit. 
President, Clinical & Commercial Consulting Firm
Having been both a candidate and a hiring manager, I have experienced firsthand the thoughtful, strategic, and rigorous approach the team brings to their searches. TSP is my go-to for searches, and I have referred many colleagues to them for search and placement. 
Partner, Global Private Equity Firm
Over an 18-year relationship, TSP has lead the successful acquisition of over 200 professionals to our firm. In each case, they brought excellent judgment, creative resourcing and unsurpassed integrity—making each mission-critical search productive and enjoyable.
Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Global Specialty Biopharmaceutical Company
TSP brings an unmatched combination of drive, intelligence, and thoroughness to the recruitment process. They are experts in their field.
President, Startup Pharmaceutical & Development Company
TSP is one of the best executive recruiting organizations with which I have ever dealt, having helped me fill multiple mid-level and senior-level positions. They have been terrific strategic partners, first understanding many nuances of my business and then providing guidance on ideas for sourcing top talent, which is a rarity in my experience.
VP of Sales, Global Biopharmaceutical Company
Your folks delivered exceptional talent, and were instrumental in ensuring I gathered the right group of individuals to have a very successful launch.