October 3, 2018

Why Amazing Experiences Are Worth The Trouble

I’m writing this blog 45 minutes into a wait at my doctor’s office.

I have my laptop out to be productive, but of course, the eyes wander and so does the mind. How often have I looked up at the receptionist as she answers her phone? How often have I pulled out my phone and pressed the side button to check the time? How many times have I read the headline on the cover of People magazine across the room? (I can recall off-hand that it’s about Michael J. Fox’s marriage, so my guess is I’ve read it too many times.)

My back hurts a little. I’m thinking about the experience that businesses provide their customers, and how every little detail can impact perception.

Would I recommend this doctor to a friend?

Yes. In a heartbeat.

My doctor isn’t running late because he’s inconsiderate. He isn’t overbooked. He hasn’t forgotten about me.

He’s late because he takes the time he needs with each of his patients, no matter what.

Sure, that means I’m going to spend longer in the receptionist’s room, staring at the clock and apparently Michael J. Fox. But when it’s my turn, my doctor is going to listen to me as I speak. I won’t notice him creeping closer to the doorknob, looking for a chance to say farewell and slip out. He’s going to answer all of my questions and make me feel like they’re important questions. He’ll even anticipate the next thing I want to ask because he’s taken the time to know me. I won’t feel rushed.

He cares about the patient relationship. He makes me feel heard. In turn, I trust him.

I wouldn’t wait an hour for most doctors. For him, I would wait two.

When was the last time you experienced a service that made you feel special? When was the last time you provided a service that offered the same?

No matter the industry, we should aim for the highest level of trust and accountability. In the world of recruitment, that means caring about every interaction with every candidate. They should have our undivided attention. We should answer every question and anticipate the next one. We should care.

That’s how you gain trust.

It’s about deliberate, personal interactions that are worth the wait.




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Ashley Stipes

From cow town USA to Hollywood, California, this small-town-turned-city girl has a knack for working with creative and professional talent. Her passion for people has transcended industries. That’s why Ashley continues growing her career by leading cross-functional teams. Her experience in both creative and people-driven roles in the entertainment industry prepared her for taking on the Brand, Culture, and Recruitment Marketing department at TSP. She oversees onboarding, training, engagement, and marketing.

Interviewing celebrities on red carpets was glitz and glamor, but playing a role in impacting healthcare is more in line with who she is—an empathetic leader who wants to see good things happen in the world. She believes in what we do, and when you meet her, it’s evident.

Ashley brings more than a decade of experience in talent marketing, acquisition, management, and development to TSP. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ.

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