January 24, 2017

When the Candidate Experience Means More Than Landing the Job

“It's always great to receive an email after submitting for a job, even to say that other candidates are being considered! Thanks for a great applicant experience.”

This was an email response I received a few weeks ago from a candidate who was not selected for a position I was working on. To me, a response like this speaks volumes not only about my priorities as a recruiter but the priorities of the organization I work for. The last few words, “Thanks for a great applicant experience,” are rather telling. Let’s be honest, how many people have responded to a job denial by complementing how much they enjoyed the application process?

Job searching can be tedious, frustrating, time-consuming, and downright dreadful at times, especially if you are working with dilatory recruiters. As someone who has experienced the agony of job searching and, ironically enough, also has pursued a career in talent acquisition / management, I can say that not all professional recruiters view you as another resume in their pile.

As any stereotypical millennial, I came out of school wanting to pursue a career that I was passionate about and knew would make a difference in people’s lives.  After experiencing the grueling process of job searching and becoming a professional interviewer myself, I realized the one big difference I saw between good organizations and great organizations was the ‘applicant (candidate) experience’.

While you should always have a list of “must-have’s” before joining any organization, one of the top items should always be how the employer values their employees. When I joined TSP, I knew I was joining a family of professionals who value trust, credibility, and what we like to call the power of personal – knowing your clients’ needs as well as your candidates’ throughout an application process. It is valuing each candidate and respecting them the same way you would want to be respected.

It’s understanding each person is more than a resume. 

Tags: executive & professional search

Lindsey Tapp

Lindsey is an Associate Recruiter on the Executive and Professional Search team at Taylor Strategy Partners, where she works with clients by identifying top talent for their organizations. Lindsey earned her Master in Human Resource Management from The Ohio State University. In her free time, she can be found exploring the food scene in her new hometown of Kansas City, MO and, as any Ohio native, cheering for her Buckeyes every Saturday.  


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