January 26, 2018

What's So Great About Leap HR – West Coast?

Next week, I will travel to San Francisco to attend the LEAP HR: Life Sciences – West Coast conference. LEAP HR forums are an opportunity for leaders to challenge traditional thinking around how to build better companies.

This forum will be focused on HR trends and strategies in the dynamic industry of life sciences — and for the first time, it will take place in San Francisco, a concentrated and competitive area for life science organizations. 

A few of the topics that caught my eye: 


1. How Can We Radically Reinvent Employee Engagement in Our Businesses?

Employee engagement is relevant for companies of all sizes. A culture of engaged, high performing and satisfied employees is critical to a company’s success.  Engaged employees will be high performing employees, and high performing employees will be happy in their careers— therefore, they'll want to stay at their company for the long-term. Seems simple, right?

Of course, it's not always as easy to keep your employees happy as it sounds. Companies need to be competitive and creative to keep top talent. One interesting debate is the value of employee engagement versus employee experience.

This topic will be discussed through a debate session between Alison Highlander, Vice President of Human Resources at Silk Road Medical, Inc, and Debra Joseph, Talent Solutions COE, Kelly OCG.


2. Rethink Compensation to Remain Relevant in a Constantly Evolving and Highly-Competitive Industry

Compensating your employees appropriately is key to retaining your hardest workers and best teammates. Many companies have already begun rethinking their approach to compensation because of pay equity legislation that went into effect in 2018 or earlier. This legislation impacted TSP immediately, as our recruiters could no longer inquire about the compensation of candidates in the states in which the legislation has passed. It's also creating a buzz worldwide, as countries like Iceland implement a new law that requires companies and government agencies to prove they pay men and women equally.

I'm curious to find out what other angles of the compensation discussion are covered in the session, which will be led by Ken Boehm, the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Aimmune.


3. Radically redesign the first year on-boarding experience to build strong, positive connections to the company

This session will be presented by John Curran, the head of Global Talent Acquisition at Genomic Health. 

This is something of interest to me, as I have found that while there is no “gold standard” for on-boarding associates, it is extremely critical to give new employees a positive impression of the company culture starting on day one. A great on-boarding experience provides the foundation of knowledge for the associate and can either leave them with a feeling of excitement and motivation or anxiety and unpreparedness. 

A trend to look out for in 2018 is the employee journey map. This is a great idea, as it will show employees that their leadership is invested in them and the well-being of the organization.  Plus, there's evidence that on-boarding experiences and turnover are linked.


The original Leap HR conference is held in Boston, so this new location is a nice change for life sciences and HR experts who haven’t had the chance to fly out to the east coast. It’ll be interesting to see what different perspectives arise because of the different geography – and it’s great to see the conference meet the needs of the industry.

I’ll be at the TSP display table with the team to demonstrate our brand, the #powerofpersonal. We will also have the opportunity to enjoy local wines during a TSP-hosted private wine tasting event at the Winery Collective located in Fisherman's Wharf.

This will be a great opportunity to network with LEAP HR attendees and speakers while enjoying an evening in appropriate wine-country fashion. If you’ll be there, please get in touch.

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Natalie Taylor

Natalie Taylor joined tsp as a Business Development Operations Associate in 2017. She assists the BD team in numerous ways, including researching targets, staying in touch with existing relationships, and creating presentations and proposals. Prior to joining tsp, she spent the last 3+ years in a variety of marketing and account management roles, most recently as an account executive.

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