May 23, 2018

What is RPO?

Really Pretty Objects.

Rancid Purple Onions.

Recruiting Plenty of Offices.


What is RPO again?

Many companies transform their hiring through RPO. Let's break down the definition, what RPO can do for you, and how to find the right partner.


What is RPO?

RPO is an abbreviation for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It's under the larger umbrella of customized recruitment services – that is, the various processes and methods that companies can use to hire the best talent.

When a company uses RPO, they partner with a firm that specializes in the full lifecycle of the talent acquisition process. This can include sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, assessment and even strategy development.

RPO partners work with companies to understand both current and future hiring plans. The goal is to build the right team of new hires to help the company's products or services succeed in the market.

Compared to contract recruiting – an agreement with search firms to fill specific roles - RPO is a more comprehensive and targeted partnership built on time, trust, and mutual goals.


What can RPO do for you?

Recruiting has become complex. Competition is fierce, given a decreasing unemployment rate and an estimation that nearly 80 percent of new hires are passive candidates, according to a 2018 RPO Market Report. 

To keep up, companies need to put their new talent through a superb candidate experience, incorporate emerging recruiting technologies, and properly assess the talent needs in both the present and future. That's not an easy feat for an HR department of any size.

The stakes are high. The right hires can turn dreams into reality, while the wrong hires can deflate a team's productivity and morale.

If a company has a high volume of hires, if they work in a complex market, or are in the early stages of developing an HR team, working with an RPO partner can be revolutionary.


How do I choose an RPO partner?

Look for a partner who:

  • has vast experience within your industry and knows where to find the talent you need.
  • understands why employer branding & candidate experience is key.
  • has an assessment strategy to help you find the right people for your unique company.
  • can scale their resources up and down to meet your needs.
  • treats their own people well.
  • understands your values.


Think RPO can help you? Taylor Strategy Partners specializes in full lifecycle recruiting in the pharmaceutical and biosciences industries. Let's start the conversation now. 

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Jennifer McDonald

Raised in New York and having spent the better part of the last two decades in the South, Jenn is the perfect combination of get-it-done assertiveness and good-natured collaboration. Her analytical approach not only contributes to the thoroughness of the end result, it educates everyone else along the way. With intimate knowledge of the R&D process and a great depth of experience in healthcare and life sciences, Jenn is the person you want to bounce ideas off of to make sure your team is in the best position to deliver results.

With her passion for training and development, Jenn is a great judge of talent, able to interpret data to accurately assess people’s strengths and weaknesses. She. Builds. Great. Teams.

Jenn has been recruiting and building top-performing talent for more than 15 years. Prior to TSP, Jenn worked for System One, Yoh, and Hudson, leading global talent acquisition teams for full-time, contract, and RPO projects. Jenn holds a bachelor's degree in biology and psychology from the University of Houston.

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