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February 27, 2019

What the Power of Personal Means to a New Hire

Throughout my interview process and first four weeks at TSP, the number one thing that resonated with me is the “power of personal.” This is a value that I have personally held onto in all organizations I’ve been a part of, in both my adolescence and through adulthood so far. Having the opportunity to work for a company that embodies that value is such a thrill.

Growing up, I was very involved in my travel softball team – the Hudson Storm. This team was made up of friends that I had been playing with since first grade, and coaches that included my dad and the fathers of three of my best friends. The bonds that came from this team were a defining part of my life for many years. This was an early lesson for me that you perform better when you work with people that you have close, personal relationships with.

The group of us gained a keen understanding for how everyone on the team played under different circumstances, where each of our strengths lay, and how we could use those strengths to bring back a win for our team.

As we grew up and entered high school, naturally, our interests changed. We picked up different sports and joined different clubs. My sophomore year, I joined my high school business club. After a year of membership, I became the Marketing Officer. Most of my fellow officers began as acquaintances, at best. It was a rocky start for a team that didn’t understand how to play to one another’s strengths.

After a month or so of unproductive meetings, bickering, and one almost-resignation, we had a serious conversation about what was going on within the leadership of the organization. We decided that it was time to start approaching issues with a sympathetic attitude, and an understanding of each other’s opinions and experiences. This was a turning point for our group. We began getting dinner together after our weekly meetings, talking to each other about our personal lives, and getting to know our team outside of the context of work. This breakthrough led to productive meetings, a successful year for the club, and ultimately, an amazing group of new friends.  

The importance of having a personal relationship with those around me led to having success in both athletics and in business. This lesson was priceless.

Upon graduating high school, it was time for a new chapter. I lived in the same town my whole life until I left for college. I was fearful that I would never develop the same kind of friendships I had made growing up in a small, tight-knit community for 18 years. Most of all, I was dreading leaving my two younger sisters—Carissa and Anna.

After much trouble deciding where I wanted to spend the next four years as a young adult, I toured Ohio University and was filled with relief. The people around me were so kind and genuine. I felt as though I would be able to find true friends there, like the friends I made growing up.

In my first semester at OU, I joined a sorority, Pi Beta Phi, which gave me the opportunity to build new friendships within my sisterhood. I became a member of the Leadership Nominating Committee, served as Derby Days Delegate and Greek Week Delegate, and again had the opportunity to work in an organization with close friends to achieve success.

These experiences I have gained have given me a deep appreciation for the benefits of working with people from all walks of life, and building personal relationships with them despite our differences. I am so excited to now work for a company that lives and breathes the power of personal. I cannot wait to grow my relationships with each of my new colleagues!

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Elaina Arsham

Elaina is a proud OU alumn who studies Strategic Communications and is now with TSP to create awesome marketing content. She likes to travel and read. Elaina lives in Columbus, OH. 

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