March 14, 2017

TSP Then & Now: Tom Wagner

A Look Back Through the Years

When did you start working at tsp?

I started working here in 1986. I celebrated my 30th anniversary last year.

What’s the biggest difference between tsp then and now?

The number one difference between tsp then and now would be the client base. When I first started, we did accounting, engineering, IT, banking, insurance, and some healthcare. In the 90’s, we began to specialize and now, we have a very specific niche in the life sciences, mostly pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies.

Another stark difference is that in ’86, we didn’t have laptops. There was no wifi, no LinkedIn. When we finally got a computer, it was a big box with a green screen on it. I don't really know what we used it for, but as an individual recruiter—everything was paper and fax machines.

What’s the most important lessons you’ve learned over the years?

One is practicing listening skills. Two is asking the tough questions. And three is to never assume anything as it relates to candidates or clients.

How is tsp the same now as it was when you started?

The company has always been very supportive of the people who work here, both as it relates to the position that we have as well as the importance of work-life balance. TSP is truly a family in my mind. 

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Cheyanne Cierpial

Cheyanne joined TSP as a Marketing Coordinator, working with the team on social media, content creation, and event coordination. After graduating from Denison University, she moved to Columbus where she can be found exploring bookstores and coffee shops during her free time. 

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