February 11, 2016

Teach Me How to Waggy: 30 Years In The People Business

Tom Wagner Celebrates His 30th Anniversary at TSP

The year is 1986 and big hair, neon jumpsuits, Adidas with no laces, Fu Manchu’s and Sony Discman’s are in.

Ronald Reagan is President. The Chicago Bears are Super Bowl Champions. How Will I Know by Whitney Houston is hitting radio stations. Top Gun and Ferris Buehller’s Day Off are in theaters. NCAA basketball adopts the 3-point line. Apple launches a clothing line. The Oprah Winfrey Show has its first national broadcast.

Tom “Waggy” Wagner, starts at TSP.

From the day Waggy walked in to TSP to today, the words to describe him have never changed. If anything, the list continues to grow.

Honor. Integrity. Dedication. Loyal. Humble. Selfless. Honest.

In three decades, Waggy has seen TSP grow from a small group of hungry, tenacious entrepreneurs to a multi-service, multi-million dollar organization. From employee catalogs to LinkedIn Recruiter, candidates paying us to clients paying us, personnel departments to Chief Talent Officers, Waggy has seen it all in the people business.


Who better to have a Q&A with than Tom Wagner? No one.

ME: After 30 years in the people business, how have you continued to adapt to the changing environment of recruiting?

WAGGY: The process really hasn't changed that much over the years. I still stay focused on the needs of the clients and use the ever-changing technology to "hunt" for the best candidates.

ME: If you could give one piece of advice to a recruiter beginning their career, what would it be?

WAGGY: Develop your listening skills and draw upon the success of others around you. Don't hesitate to ask for advice.

ME: What do you love about being a recruiter?

WAGGY: The everyday contact with people who are all different in their goals and aspirations.

ME: What does the #powerofpersonal mean to you?

WAGGY: That I'm in tune with my candidates and clients and I'll get it done.

ME: What do you love about working at TSP?

WAGGY: It's my family- great people that are driven to do the best we can do for our clients.


Here’s to you Waggy, congratulations on 30 years.

Thank you,

Your Family at TSP

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Nicole Plant
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