November 7, 2017

"Start with people, then technology"

The annual HR Technology Conference gathers the best of the best to discuss what's arguably the most pressing topic in their industry: tech advancement.

Mike Muzi – Vice President, Managing Director – is a leader in our recruitment process outsourcing practice. He cares a lot about data-driven results, and he was the perfect person to attend the conference this fall. I talked with Mike about the conference and how we approach tech advancement at TSP.


NL: Based on the conference, what impression do you have of the state of technology in the HR world?

MM: The industry has faced essentially the same challenge over the last 20 years. That's figuring out how to adapt to advancing technology and use it to be more strategic.

HR and talent acquisition are in a really good place. Technologies are being built and invested in to make better experiences. Investments in HR and talent acquisition technology exceed $750 million today. That’s a really good sign for our industry. However as Elaine Orler, presenter of HR Tech 20/20 noted at the conference, most companies use between eight and 15 technologies to hire one candidate - job boards, sourcing tools, ATS, HRIS, onboarding software, and so on. It’s too many. So our opportunity is to identify solutions that make for better experiences, from application to onboarding.

NL: What did you find yourself thinking about after the conference?

MM: The common theme of the week was the evolving use of AI to make hiring decisions. Contrary to what some sci-fi movies would have us believe, machines won't replace people. They will help us do our jobs more efficiently.

I think we all know that data points are critical to successful recruiting teams. Artificial intelligence brings a whole new perspective on how we identify talent and the way we use supporting data to show progress, such as the technologies we implement, reporting tools we use to share information, and so on.

NL: Did anything surprise you?

MM: Many organizations rush into technology decisions and end up facing the same problems they had prior to implementing. To avoid that, we need to fully understand what we’re trying to accomplish with these tools and how we can be successful in both the short term and long term. Our values must be tied to the measures of success and people goals when implementing new solutions. We need to be asking ourselves how these decisions will ultimately impact our people, and once the new tech goes live, how do we continue improving our ways of using it?

NL: Any final thoughts?

MM: In a Mega Session led by Jason Averbook, he suggested that we need to start with people, and then focus on the right technology to support them. He also said the foundation of people must be strong before you begin investing in technologies. In another session, we discussed that the difference between a company being awesome rather than ok is its people.

Hearing this theme throughout the week reassured me that our foundation is strong at TSP. People are our most important asset. With the right technologies, we have a great opportunity to continue providing value to our people and clients. It was nice to walk away feeling confident in what we're doing here at TSP and to also understand how we can be better positioned for growth in this rapidly changing industry.



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