October 15, 2015

Serving Up Change at the 2015 HBA Ohio Signature Event

This year’s Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Ohio Signature Event challenged attendees to think beyond traditional definitions of leadership—inside our healthcare organizations, as well as within our communities and day-to-day interactions.  From finding personal and professional purpose, to transforming the ways in which individuals use technology to receive and filter information, the afternoon was filled with big ideas, but the bigger calls to action came from a few of HBA’s local partnerships.

Did You Try the Soupe?
Suzy DeYoung, Cincinnati chef and believer in the power of healthful food for all, served as the Head Caterer for the Signature Event’s VIP Luncheon.  While attendees enjoyed warm bread and vibrantly colored veggie slaw, Suzy shared the mission behind her “roadside soup shack”---La Soupe.

La Soupe transforms “waste” produce, donated by local grocery stores and farms, into bowls of nutritious soup.  Food runners then deliver the soup to food pantries and various agencies throughout the Cincinnati area.  Nearly 40% of the food supply in America is thrown away each year, and a staggering 14.3% of American homes are considered food insecure----that’s a huge disparity!  Suzy and her team pledge to decrease the gap by seeing excess food as an opportunity to nourish the hungry and start a dialogue about health in the community.

To learn more about how you can contribute to La Soupe’s cause, visit: http://lasoupecincinnati.com

May We Help
Often we underestimate our ability to go on a bike ride or play a musical instrument, but what if we struggled with far simpler tasks like brushing our teeth or getting into bed each night?  May We Help is a volunteer-based organization of engineers, artists, and “gear-heads,” working together to create customized solutions and devices (that are not currently available on the market) for individuals with special needs. The organization has positively impacted hundreds of lives since its founding in 2006, with projects ranging from aqua therapy walkers to musical instrument modifications.  All projects are solely funded by donations and sponsors. 

Looking to help change someone’s life?  Volunteer or donate today: http://www.maywehelp.org

And the Beacon Goes to…
Partner organizations like La Soupe and May We Help demonstrate HBA’s support of initiatives driving change at the personal level.  Thinking differently and creatively to enhance human experiences isn’t a mentality exclusive to healthcare, but in an industry so rooted in people, that mindset is even more critical---and Taylor Strategy Partners thinks so too.  Having been chosen as this year’s HBA, Ohio Chapter, Beacon Award recipient, TSP proves that the #powerofpersonal is at the core of transformational leadership. The Beacon Award is given to a member organization that has shown a strong commitment to building women leaders (the other 2015 nominees included Ethicon, Abbott Nutrition, and Battelle).

Whether it’s a bowl of soup, an engineered solution to improve a child’s mobility, or a commitment to innovating the people business, we all have the ability to impact change.  So challenge the evident or easy answers, start new conversations, and believe that there’s extraordinary opportunity in even the smallest idea.

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Callie Thomas

Supporting TSP’s RPO team, Callie bridges talent gaps across healthcare advertising, R&D, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Before joining TSP in 2014, Callie worked with Solutions Staffing, recruiting contractors for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer of generic products in Columbus, OH.  Talent Acquisition Manager by day, Jeopardy enthusiast by night, Callie appreciates crispy truffle fries, library cards, and strong Kentucky beverages (on the rocks).

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