October 20, 2016

Rethinking the Ideal Sales Rep

TSP’s Mike Gamble, Vice President, Business Development was recently featured in PharmaVOICE’s “The Specialty Drug Market,” which addressed market access challenges and the reinvention of specialty sales.

“Specialty companies will need to rethink their definition of what constitutes the ideal sales rep profile, and the skill sets essential for success,” Mike explained in the article.

TSP’s customized approach assesses for fit and skills specific to your company, your therapeutic area, your culture; a general sales test cannot account for this.

You can read “The Specialty Drug Market” to learn more.


Tags: recruiting, sales & marketing, pharma / biotech

Cheyanne Cierpial

Cheyanne joined TSP as a Marketing Coordinator, working with the team on social media, content creation, and event coordination. After graduating from Denison University, she moved to Columbus where she can be found exploring bookstores and coffee shops during her free time. 

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