September 6, 2016

Resume Paper Isn't Even Skin Deep: Victoria Taylor

What does “resume paper isn’t even skin deep” mean to TSP’s Victoria Taylor, Talent Acquisition Manager?  It means, “When you look at a resume, you’re looking at what they want in a job, not necessarily who the person is or the type of person you want to work for you. It’s your credentials. It doesn’t get to the personal level.”

Victoria believes that getting to know people on the personal level allows for closer coworker relationships and better teams. “You’re always going to have a job and be able to get the work done,” she explained. “But when you’re in an environment where you’re surrounded by passionate people with the same goals, it makes it so much more. It makes it a fun workplace, a successful workplace.”

So what isn’t on Victoria’s resume?

“I absolutely adore kids. I’ve coached for five years, volunteered at basketball camps, worked at a daycare, babysat. It’s something I enjoy, the coaching especially. It ties in my love for basketball with helping kids learn basketball skills, leadership, and how to work in a team.”

It’s her overall love for children, and people in general, that carries over into the workplace. Victoria puts others first, whether its her coworkers or her clients. She goes out of her way to accomplish goals for the success of the team. 

“I’m a family person. When I get into a culture where it feels like a family, that means a lot to me.”

It’s not something easily spotted on her resume—but it makes her an individual you’d want on your team. As Victoria explained, “It’s not all about GPA or number of years of experience. It’s who you are as a person and how hard you’re willing to work.”

Victoria is hosting #takeoverTSP this week, so check out our Instagram @taylor_strategy for a glimpse into life at TSP!

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Cheyanne Cierpial

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