September 12, 2016

Resume Paper Isn't Even Skin Deep: Megan Van Hoy

“People are much more than a list of accomplishments on a piece of paper,” believes Megan Van Hoy, Director of Consulting & Assessment at TSP.

“When you go beyond the resume, you get a sense of work style, motivation, what drives people day-to-day, all of which are important when you think of the impacts they’re going to have in a role.”

When we asked Megan what it means to her to work for an organization that believes resumes aren’t even skin deep, she explained, “I think it means that I’m incredibly valued as both an individual and as an employee. I think it means I’m part of a culture that connects people outside of work. We’re not just who we are between 9 and 5.”

We also asked Megan what you couldn’t tell about her from her resume.

“I like to try a lot of different things… I’ll try anything twice. Sometimes after the first try, you don’t have a good sense of what that is because were nervous or didn’t give it your all.”

Of course, we probed for some examples. Her answers? Learning to play golf, giving bowling a try…oh, and climbing to the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

“The world is a whole lot bigger than what we see in our little box and it’s so easy to get wrapped up in our day-to-day.” For Megan, that means stepping outside of that box, unplugged with no access to email, atop a 19,000+ ft. peak on a different continent. Pretty cool.

She concluded in saying, “Going beyond the resume makes the work a lot more interesting because when you spend time and get to know people on a different level you realize there’s not one framework or one profile or one way to approach anything. When you go to that next level you can start to really identify what their strengths are and recognize and support that.” 

Megan is hosting #takeoverTSP this week, so check out our Instagram @taylor_strategy for a glimpse into life at TSP!

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Cheyanne Cierpial

Cheyanne joined TSP as a Marketing Coordinator, working with the team on social media, content creation, and event coordination. After graduating from Denison University, she moved to Columbus where she can be found exploring bookstores and coffee shops during her free time. 

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