August 29, 2016

Resume Paper Isn't Even Skin Deep: Drew Thompson

For Drew Thompson, Business Development Associate, “resume paper isn’t even skin deep” means having deeper conversations to understand the complexities of both a person and a job.

“Almost all people that we present to clients are going to be a fit with the skill set, but it’s really the personality, background, the things you can’t read on a resume that will make or break the person for a position,” he explained.

What’s not on Drew’s resume? He’s a full-time parent.

“Parenthood at a young age also taught me to juggle several things being thrown at me from all different angles. From work to my personal life, it taught me to stay level headed.”

What else about having a child translates to the workplace for Drew?

“Parenthood definitely taught me time management. If I want to spend time with my family, then I have to manage my time,” said Drew. “And to cherish time. Life is so busy. To enjoy it, you have to manage it.”

His resume doesn’t touch on his passion for golf, either.

“Even though I played on a team in college, golf is still an individual sport where you can’t pass the ball to anybody. While you’re out there, your head and emotions need to stay in check throughout the entire 5-hour round. If you lose your focus at any second, it could cost you immediately. The same goes for sales. If you don’t produce the results, there’s no one else to blame but yourself--just as in a five hour round on in the golf course.”

We asked Drew why it is important to go beyond the resume. “People try to put the puzzle together without talking to this person and getting all the pieces. At TSP, we bring the personal piece into it. How are you going to know what you’ll find out about someone until you have that conversation with them?”

Drew is hosting #takeoverTSP this week, so check out our Instagram @taylor_strategy for a glimpse into life at TSP!

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Cheyanne Cierpial

Cheyanne joined TSP as a Marketing Coordinator, working with the team on social media, content creation, and event coordination. After graduating from Denison University, she moved to Columbus where she can be found exploring bookstores and coffee shops during her free time. 

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