September 19, 2016

Resume Paper Isn't Even Skin Deep: Brian Haney

TSP’s Brian Haney, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, understands that resume paper isn’t even skin deep. Why spend the time to get to know a candidate beyond their job experience? “All the talk these days is around culture, and if we don’t know who they are and how they interact with people, that’s a huge problem.”

So we had to ask. Brian, what’s not on your resume?

“My whole childhood! What I have done since I was 5 or 6 years old. A lot of people know that I played baseball all through high school and college, but most people don’t know that I played a little in the minor leagues.”

Who knew? Being an athlete taught Brian several workplace lessons: showing up every day, showing up on time every day, failure, resilience, teamwork, the importance of having a good culture, and talking through problems to eliminate surprises.

He believes in power of personal at every level. “The leadership at TSP—Mick, Dog, Gap, KC—all these people, they know that it’s the people that make the job and make the business go.”

Brian participates in TSP’s Red Pants Project to fundraise and raise awareness about a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. He met a candidate who was affected by the disease. Going beyond the resume allowed for a personal connection to both the candidate and the Red Pants Project. Brian explained,  “I talked to him about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, how his child was born with it, learning the details of what it is, how it affects him…and he has to do his full-time job too.”

“[A resume] only gives us part of who they are,” Brian explained. “We only know them from an employee and career perspective, not who they are personally.”

Brian is hosting #takeoverTSP this week, so check out our Instagram @taylor_strategy for a glimpse into life at TSP!

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Cheyanne Cierpial

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