September 26, 2017

A recruiter's takeaways from #CMWorld 2017

When I walked into Content Marketing World 2017, I didn’t think of myself as a marketer. I was a recruiter sent by my organization along with our marketing specialist to learn more about the value and impact of content marketing.

Keynote after keynote, session after session, I kept repeating my mantra: “I am a recruiter.” When I introduced myself during the networking events, I would say “Oh, I’m not a marketer, I’m a recruiter.”

But by the end of week, I started to change my tune. I recognized by the slow, creeping feeling that hovered by the base of my skull that I was wrong. I am a marketer. We’re all marketers – most of us just don’t know it yet.

Along with that insight, I wanted to share a couple other lessons I learned during this remarkable event.

1. Everyone who contacts our audience is doing marketing.

Marketing doesn’t happen in a silo. We have to recognize that everybody who interacts with your audience is doing marketing. Whether it’s your sales team, your client partners, or your recruiters – heads up, folks, you are doing marketing!

The best organizations build a tight relationship between the marketing department and other departments to keep everyone on the same page. This way, everyone in your organization is aware of the impact and consequences of how they choose to interact with that audience. These interactions, great and small, will affect the perception of your potential clients and customers.

2. Your values should be the foundation of your brand.

There's a lot of focus on the way companies develop successful brands. But by using the word "brand," we can sometimes miss out on what really matters: your identity and your values. Without that foundation, a brand won't have staying power. It won't resonate with your audiences. Plus, you want to work with clients who share your values, right? By showing those values in your marketing materials, you're showing your potential customers your true self.

So before you start thinking about your brand, define your organization’s values. (It's what we did at taylor strategy partners to create our brand, the #powerofpersonal.) What matters to you? What matters to your employees? Once you can sit down and proudly declare who and what you are, then your brand can follow.

3. Audiences are more than purchasing power.

Many organizations make the mistake of thinking of their audience as only consisting of their customers. The truth is you shouldn’t measure your audience’s value based solely on their ability to generate revenue. The value of your audience lies in their influence – the power to organically generate “buzz” about your brand. More buzz equals more engagement.

Your audience’s likes, shares, retweets, and reblogs create intangible but intrinsic value. It’s difficult to measure the impact of more eyes, more ears, and more tweets on your brand, but it's also hard to deny the powerful effect it has when you’re sitting in a pitch meeting and your client-to-be says, “Hey, my daughter sent me one of your blogs.”

4. Great storytelling is honest, thoughtful, and taps into the best qualities of your people.

You are competing for your audience's time and attention with literally a million other things, all of which are only a swipe away. If you create mediocre content, you will be ignored. The only solution is to focus on creating exceptional content.

The secret is to utilize one of the most valuable resources in any organization: your people. Tap into that deep well of creativity. Everybody has something special to contribute, and sometimes, it'll surprise you what you find.

If you focus on telling honest, authentic, and thoughtful stories, your audience will respond in kind. Together, you can create personal, powerful, and long-lasting relationships.



What were your takeaways from #CMWorld 2017? If you have any insight you’d like to add, please leave a comment or tweet at @blake_tsp.

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Blake Tan

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