November 27, 2017

Personalization, compassion go a long way: Notes from a candidate

Migraines can be isolating and debilitating. When I learned TSP was building a sales force for a new drug that significantly reduces migraine pain, I was excited for the opportunity to impact thousands of people. That's the great part about working in the life sciences industry.

As a recruiter, I have the added benefit of helping people improve their careers. My experience with a talented and dedicated individual for a specialty sales rep position, Cathy Reyes, was a great example of why TSP recruiters bring the #powerofpersonal to every candidate. I worked with her from the initial screening call to her final interviews at our hiring event in Los Angeles. Here's Cathy's story about her experience.


I believe we all have a noble cause in the pharma industry. We all want to help patients live longer and feel better. My two sisters work in the medical field, and they opened my eyes to the opportunities I could have as a sales rep back when I was starting to choose my career. It's meaningful work across the board.

When I learned about the open positions in Amgen's new sales force, I went to their website immediately and read as much as I could about the company. I was fortunate to already be in a position that motivated me. I liked the product I was selling at the time, and I had great relationships within my territory. I didn't love my hour-long commute – though the ability to help my customers made it worthwhile.

The more I learned about Amgen, the more they felt different. Their mission, focus, and innovation were attractive – and I like that they focus on high unmet medical needs to improve people's lives. I learned that they treat their employees well. I decided to apply for the position.

I would describe the experience I had in the interview process as flawless. I felt at home the first time a recruiter said hello. Of course I was nervous – every applicant is – but Lindsey was forthcoming and amiable. She answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed every step of the way, from my first interview to my role-play exercise. I was asked to join Amgen and TSP at a hiring event in LA, where I interviewed with several managers.

I was very nervous when I arrived; it's a make or break event for any applicant. I immediately felt a warm welcome, and the connection I made with the event staff made me feel comfortable – plus, I finally met Lindsey in person! It was easier to meet with the hiring managers, knowing she was there and had my back. I really sensed the hiring managers wanted to get to know me, too. Their questions were thought provoking, and I could see how they were digging deeper into the previous role-play and conversations I had with Lindsey.  Overall, the event was personalized, organized, and simple. It was great customer care.

My first day at my new job was a few weeks ago. I'm impressed by the helpfulness of my new colleagues, and I continue feeling thankful for the work TSP did to help me get to this new position. This is the fourth job I've held in the United States, after moving here from the Philippines about 20 years ago. Going to a new job can be nerve-wracking, but TSP made the whole process pleasant and easy.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience going into a new chapter of my career. There was communication, there was follow-up, and there was follow-through. That personalization and compassion goes a long way.


-Cathy Reyes

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Lindsey Tapp

Lindsey is an Associate Recruiter on the Executive and Professional Search team at Taylor Strategy Partners, where she works with clients by identifying top talent for their organizations. Lindsey earned her Master in Human Resource Management from The Ohio State University. In her free time, she can be found exploring the food scene in her new hometown of Kansas City, MO and, as any Ohio native, cheering for her Buckeyes every Saturday.  


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