February 19, 2018

Meet tsp's president, Mike Gamble

We are excited to announce our new president of tsp, Mike Gamble.

Mike has been instrumental to our growth since he joined the team as VP of Business Development in 2015. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industry – plus a commitment to tsp's success and an unwavering sense of optimism.

I asked Mike some questions about himself and his new role.



Why he decided to take a job with tsp 3 years ago:

The people. It's a very impressive group of people here. Secondarily, it was an opportunity to lead a function and do something more entrepreneurial than what I was doing at the time [a VP-level sales role].

His goal as tsp's president:

To continue the mission of tsp, which I see as delivering great people for our clients that don't just match on paper – they also match in competencies and cultural fit. It's a 3-dimensional look at a whole person that our mix of services provides for our clients. My goal is to do that in an ethical and fun way with a great group of people, and to live our brand every day.

Something many people don't know about him:

I guess I could talk about being a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but I think everyone knows that. I like to cook! I'm pretty good at it, especially taking dishes my wife and I have had at restaurants and trying to recreate them.

The best story he can tell about the Philadelphia Eagles: 

I love the story from the most recent Super Bowl, that the Philly Special play was actually Nick Foles' suggestion. Here's a former back-up quarterback calling his own play in the fourth quarter – a gutsy one at that – and it defined the entire game. We're always talking in business about stepping up and taking charge where we can individually, and it's a great example of that.

Who he looks up to as a leader:

I've been lucky to work for a lot of different people within organizations, and they've all taught me different things. My first boss really made an impact on me in terms of developing a work ethic, leading by example, and setting clear expectations of what we're trying to accomplish. You're so impressionable in your first or second job, and that early imprint has stayed with me.

What book he's read more than once:

When I was getting my MBA, I read a book called "A Question of Intent" by David Kessler, which is about the FDA taking on the tobacco industry. I'm not much of a re-reader, but I've returned to this one because it's one of the most important stories out there about conducting business ethically.

Why he's excited about tsp's future:

In general, we've been on a great growth curve, which I'm excited about our ability to continue. Also, the fact that our brand awareness is increasing and growing; more people are hearing about us, contacting us, hearing our story, and getting a chance to partner with us. Knowing we play such a key role in helping companies bring new, lifesaving products and services to market is also a motivator.

Why he's pretty optimistic as a rule:

Something that's stayed with me is a graduation speech by the former CEO of Tasty Baking Company. The quote was "positive people always win." It's something that has 100 percent stuck with me, and I've always found it to be true. If you come into things with a positive attitude, you'll start to see positive outcomes around you.


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