August 12, 2016

Marc Prine, PhD Talks Strategic Job Analysis

Strategic HR requires not only being able to respond to the needs of the business today, but also to anticipate what the needs will be tomorrow. Our strategic job analysis techniques help HR professionals do just that.

TSP's Marc Prine, PhD, Director of Consulting and Assessment, is featured on Department 12: An Industrial / Organizational Psychology Podcast to discuss strategic job analysis. 

He answers questions including: What is it? In what ways is it different from traditional job analysis? How do companies use it? Why should HR professionals be interested? 

Here's a glimpse into one of the ways TSP helps clients make the best people decisions possible. Listen to the podcast here. 

Tags: resumes, consulting & assessment, recruiting, I/O psych

Marc Prine PhD

Marc is a Director in the Consulting & Assessment practice at Taylor Strategy Partners where he works with clients on improving their performance by using data to better select and develop their people. Dr. Prine earned his Ph.D. in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, M.A. from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and undergraduate degree from Temple University. He is an adjunct professor in statistics and his work has been published in Forbes and FastCompany. In his spare time, Marc can be found looking for golf balls in tall grass, yelling as if the players on his fantasy team can hear him through the television or doing his best Andrew Zimmer impression and trying the most interesting thing on a menu.



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