March 13, 2020

Mamba Mentality Beats on at TSP

Here’s how our Consulting & Assessment team lives out ‘mamba’…

Recently, we lost a sports icon.

Kobe Bryant entered the NBA when he was only 18, at the time, an unheard of, unprecedented move. Kobe’s decision to go straight to the NBA from high school was highly scrutinized at the time; could he be successful without a college foundation? He went on to win five NBA championships, was an MVP for the league, an Olympic Gold medalist and most recently, an Academy Award Winner. Without a doubt, most of his friends and loved ones say his success was in part because he personified the “Mamba Mentality.” Kobe repeated and embodied the phrase to the point where he made it ubiquitous. Everyone in Los Angeles and around the league, began to refer to him simply as “Mamba.”

Many of us who knew of and respected Kobe, may not have known the term “Mamba.” After his untimely death, it became one of the most Googled terms. When I Googled it, the term immediately resonated with me. I love the definition and welcome it, personally, into many facets of my life, especially with my new role at Taylor Strategy Partners (TSP) as the Director of Consulting & Assessment.

The Mamba mentality is simple and powerful. It means, “…to constantly try to be the best version of yourself. To be better today than you were yesterday.” Kobe wanted for him and everyone around him, including his four daughters, to be curious, relentless and focused. I’ve been fortunate enough, over the past 19 years to be a part of several organizations that asked from their employees to take on parts and pieces of this mantra. I’m proud to say I’ve quickly learned and am striving to embrace TSP’s rendition of “mamba.” The culture truly strives to inspire each and every one of its team members to be bold, start with the people first, be curious, keep stretching and always keep #powerofthepersonal top of mind. This drumbeat and ultimately heartbeat of our organization inevitably passes through to our clients. We want them to feel our engagement during each interaction; when we say things like, “absolutely, we can try and make that request work,” or “let me go back to my team members and see how we can help” or simply “we are in this with you and want to bring you the best candidate experience so your organization and your mission can shine.”

Speaking of shine, the Consulting & Assessment team I am a part of, is brought on to help shine light on any areas in need that might not be obvious to the client during the recruiting process. Our ‘Mamba Mentality’ plays out when we are curious about our client’s final few candidates and offer valid, thorough personality assessments to bring to light any attributes that may have been missed during the phone screen or interview. We remain focused and listen intently when we work with our clients to understand any existing culture, leadership or team needs. We capitalize and improve on our past successes (e.g., what has worked elsewhere) to customize success profiles, behavioral interview guides and training workshops for each client to ensure what we build reflects the clients ‘secret success sauce’ for hiring and retaining employees.

While Kobe Bryant’s talent is certainly unique and not all of us will have the ability to score, play both sides of the ball and hit free throws when the game is on the line with a torn Achilles; we can all take heed and be inspired, at work and in our personal lives, by his incredible work ethic, love for the day to day and the spirit of bringing our best to every engagement - the mamba mentality.

Tags: consulting & assessment, culture, employer brand, #powerofpersonal

Natasha Tharp

Director, C&A

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