September 21, 2016

Let's Get Situational: An Intro to SJIs

At TSP, we are all about the #powerofpersonal. When it comes to the customized assessments we build, we make sure our clients are provided with the information they need, not the services we want to sell them. 

Our clients express a variety of different needs:

  • I want to be sure I am making the right decisions hiring my individual contributors.
  • My hiring managers don’t know the best way to interview.
  • We need to make a lot of hires in a short amount of time.

In our ongoing commitment not to put a round peg in a square hole, we recognize lengthy, in-depth executive assessments are not always the right solution for our clients. A combination of personality measures, behavioral interviews, and role playing is simply too exhaustive for what some clients require.

Situational Judgment Items (SJIs) are an effective, customized way to use data to drive better decision making in the hiring process. Candidates are presented with situations they can expect to face in the given position for which they are interviewing. They are prompted to choose the option that most closely matches how they would react.

Since each situation the candidate is presented with is something experienced by your employees, the hiring managers are more equipped to probe the candidates if they would take the acceptable next steps. Based on the options taken by the candidate, specific competency based questions auto-generate. 

The output of an SJI assessment is not a cut off score that eliminates candidates from the process, but a customized interview guide. That’s right-- a different interview guide for each candidate. An SJI assessment changes the conversation between the hiring manager and candidate away from the age-old unstructured interview toward a poignant discussion around the behaviors necessary for success in the role.

Whether you are a large Fortune 100 company looking to build a new sales team for a product launch or a young startup trying to figure out what your team should look like, there is an assessment to help bolster your decision. With TSP – experience the power of personal and find the assessment that best fits your needs. 

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Marc Prine PhD

Marc is a Director in the Consulting & Assessment practice at Taylor Strategy Partners where he works with clients on improving their performance by using data to better select and develop their people. Dr. Prine earned his Ph.D. in Business Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, M.A. from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and undergraduate degree from Temple University. He is an adjunct professor in statistics and his work has been published in Forbes and FastCompany. In his spare time, Marc can be found looking for golf balls in tall grass, yelling as if the players on his fantasy team can hear him through the television or doing his best Andrew Zimmer impression and trying the most interesting thing on a menu.



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