October 20, 2017

The Launch Pad: Preparing for Product Launch

Deborah Schnell – Vice President, Managing Director at Taylor Strategy Partners  – is among several experts featured in a PharmaVoice article on the current state of product launches.

Schnell discusses the value of specialty sales reps and explains how companies can build a hiring process that finds the best people for the job.

“According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, cultural fit trumps competency every time, and yet few organizations know how to accurately assess candidates for cultural fit,” Ms. Schnell says. “Success is delivered by hiring the best people and talent and that starts with a finely tuned profile and well delineated cultural attributes.”

She also discusses strategies to train and coach small teams of sales reps who are dispersed across numerous territories. Read the full article here.

Tags: sales & marketing, recruitment

Nikki Lanka

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