August 3, 2018

How We Use Social Media to Recruit

Mike Gamble, president of Taylor Strategy Partners, a Syneos Health Company, recently sat down with Hunt Scanlon Media to discuss how social media has changed the recruiting business. Following are excerpts from that interview.


Mike, how much do recruiters now rely on social media to screen candidates?

All our recruiters use LinkedIn’s professional platform to search for candidates. It’s an essential part of our process. We find many candidates through our own database and by posting on job boards, but social media expands the number of people we can connect with.

Having multiple avenues with which to connect with talent allows us to create more diverse pipelines, fill harder jobs, and find a way to identify top tier talent. Before, you might need to stand at a conference for hours to meet a handful of people. Now, you’re a click away from Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and whoever is about to transform your marketing department.


What are the benefits and any negative consequences?

People are more than their resumes. Of course, a candidate’s experience in an industry matters – but to find a great candidate for a role, recruiters need to understand who they are as people, what matters to them, and how that fits in with the culture of the company.

Social media helps us do this at the very first step. By using social media, recruiters meet candidates where they are. Some of the best hires are passive candidates, where someone isn’t taking the time to look for open positions. They aren’t necessarily checking out a company’s career page to see open opportunities, but they do have LinkedIn pages. We can reach them there.

On the other hand, social media has helped candidates be more proactive in looking for work. They can find recruiters, join talent communities, and follow companies they want to work for.

This is great on our end, because we love to engage with candidates who are passionate about our clients’ work. When one of our recruiters reaches out to a candidate, we can’t assume they know anything about us. We encourage our recruiters to post on their own LinkedIn pages about our industry, their open roles, or even things of personal interest to them. Just like we use social media to see the personal side of candidates, it helps when candidates can see who our recruiters are personally. We start to build a trusting relationship that way.

Ultimately, it goes back to building a personal process. Good recruiters believe in being transparent, getting to know their candidates, and working hard to find the absolute best fit for a role. Social media introduces a personal level to the process, which helps recruiters and candidates get to know each other. There’s no downside to that.


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