August 29, 2017

How TSP is Transforming Product Launches

This year's PharmaForce conference in Austin, Texas is shaping up to address some of the most pressing issues of the healthcare industry. We all acknowledge that the landscape has changed dramatically in the last 5 years and will continue to change and evolve. Today, over 50 percent of doctors restrict rep access, 60 percent of doctors are part of an IDN, 90 percent of Medicare doctors are compensated on outcomes versus traditional fee for service, and 25 percent of physician interactions are digital. Transformational change is a must! 

As a result, sales and marketing are beginning to embrace social media as a way of connecting with their customer – the patient.  They are collaboratively developing non-personal communication strategies such as virtual KOL meetings, mechanism of action videos, email blasts and more. But at the end of the day, according to ZS Associates, “The sales rep remains the most expensive, and the most important promotional resource.” And yet, we are using the same tools and approaches to identifying and hiring the “messenger,” i.e., the sales rep.

With the ultimate success of a chronic care product launch determined in the first 12 weeks after launch, sales talent has never been more critical. We cannot expect the tools of the past to deliver the talent of the future. TSP's “Sales Accelerator” is an entirely new approach to hiring the talent of the future – one that fuses a systematic evaluation process unique to every organization with the scientific study of human behavior to ensure that the skills and behaviors of candidates meet the needs of the healthcare professionals they will serve. The outcome?  Accelerating and improving performance while reducing costly turnover and, ultimately, driving superior results.  

 TSP is committed to helping companies adapt to the healthcare landscape as it changes. With tools like the Sales Accelerator, we can build a sales force that's right for the future of your organization. 

I'll be at PharmaForce representing TSP. If you're attending, please say hello or reach out – I'd love to connect.

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Deb Schnell

Even the animated and enthusiastic are amazed by the levels of Deb’s energy – and they love it. Her vitality pours into everything she does, whether it’s taking care of her clients and teammates or writing incredible poetry in her free time. She’s a winner who knows how to take things to the next level and yet she doesn’t let her altitude affect her attitude. When you meet Deb, you just know she is going to make things happen.

And she has. Deb has been working with world-class sales and marketing organizations for over 30 years with extensive experience in pharmaceutical sales and business development. Prior to TSP, Deb served in leadership roles for MNG Direct, a multi channel communication platform, Healthy Advice Networks (now Patient Point), a place-based media and patient education company, and PDI Inc., a leading health care commercialization group. She also spent over a decade at the IBM Corporation in sales, marketing, and brand management roles.

At TSP, she is leading efforts for sales force expansion engagements, designed to accelerate performance. Deb holds a Bachelor’s degree from Miami University.

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