May 23, 2017

Educate Girls. Change The World.

130 million girls are out of school worldwide.  Nearly two thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women.  Failing to educate girls to the same standard as boys costs developing countries between $112 and $152 billion each year. 

As a woman, as a daughter raised in a single-mother household, as a first generation college graduate, as someone who has been afforded the choice to learn, I believe it is my responsibility to not only start conversations about these staggering numbers, but also to give voice to the girls’ stories behind the statistics.

I am honored to work for an organization that hears my voice and co-champions the transformative power of educational access.  Committed to raising awareness, Taylor Strategy Partners, BioOhio, and the Ohio Chapter of Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) will be hosting a screening of Girl Rising tonight (May 23) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Girl Rising, a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment, draws on the power of film and storytelling to change how the world values girls and their rights to classroom learning.  Screenings of the film give us a glimpse of the barriers faced by nine girls in the developing world, in addition to providing a community platform to talk about gender and educational challenges from a local lens. Following the screening, a panel of Columbus-based educators and healthcare leaders will lead a discussion on how to make a difference locally.

Educating girls is the highest return investment we can make in breaking cycles of poverty, decreasing infant and maternal mortality, reducing the number of HIV cases worldwide, preventing childhood marriage, and stopping domestic violence.

And if you’re still asking why you should care about girls’ education, think of the women in your life – would you fight to make sure their stories are told so that they, too, have a choice?

Educate girls.  Change the world.

Callie Thomas

Supporting TSP’s RPO team, Callie bridges talent gaps across healthcare advertising, R&D, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  Before joining TSP in 2014, Callie worked with Solutions Staffing, recruiting contractors for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer of generic products in Columbus, OH.  Talent Acquisition Manager by day, Jeopardy enthusiast by night, Callie appreciates crispy truffle fries, library cards, and strong Kentucky beverages (on the rocks).

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