July 28, 2017

Don't Gamble With Your Hiring Choices

Take a second and think about how often we’re wrong.  Some examples:

  • Gambling – I really thought that was a sure thing... but where did all my chips go?
  • Stock portfolio – (see: gambling.)
  • Marriage – so far so good for me on this one, but many don’t end well.
  • Who will win elections – no comment.

Hiring is no different. If you bought tons of Enron stock, reserved a hotel room for the Clinton inauguration, and continue to bet on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl, perhaps you could use some help with your hiring decisions.

Interviewing is a tough business. I have personally hired some great people, but I have also hired my share of flops. Today most of us ask great behavioral questions in interviews and carefully consider the decision before making an offer, but we still often find ourselves making a leap of faith. Is there a way we could be more certain in our decisions? Like a good financial advisor, marriage counselor, or pollster, there are tools that can help us with hiring decisions.

I’ve found working with a team of PhD industrial / organizational psychologists (I/Os) to customize an assessment and selection process is very helpful when making hiring decisions. Taking the time to think about the competencies required to be successful in a position and designing a process to measure those competencies can help provide that extra data to shift the hiring odds in your favor. The I/Os I’ve had the pleasure of working with help me think about hiring decisions in a different way that’s based more on fact than feel. It’s certainly not perfect, but making small improvements at hiring will still make a big difference in the success of your organization.

A professional baseball player who fails two-thirds of the time ends up in Cooperstown, but in hiring, we aren’t afforded those odds for success. Add some other data points to your selection process and increase your odds of hiring the best. 

Tags: I/O psych, recruiting

Mike Gamble

Mike doesn’t fit the typical “sales guy” mold. At first blush he might be the last person you’d expect but he’s the best person to lead business development. With a background in science, he knows the industry and our clients’ business from the inside. With a quiet demeanor he’s a great listener, capable of really hearing and understanding the problem that needs to be solved. Plus, like his deep-seated passion for his sports teams, Mike has an unyielding loyalty to the relationships he’s built over the years, always staying in touch and connected.

Mike’s extensive staffing background and even his sense of humor help him infuse different ways of looking at situations, welcomed by clients and colleagues looking for a creative, collaborative solution.

Mike has nearly 20 years of experience designing comprehensive talent acquisition solutions for leading healthcare and life science focused organizations. In his role, he is responsible for leading the sales effort across TSP’s full suite of offerings. Prior to TSP, Mike worked for Yoh, a leading staffing and workforce solutions organization where he held various leadership and sales executive positions. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Ursinus College and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Saint Joseph’s University.

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