June 20, 2016

Conference Recap: 4 Human Resources LEAPs in Healthcare

What I learned at the 2016 LEAP HR: Healthcare conference by Hanson Wade

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend Hanson Wade's LEAP HR: Healthcare conference in Chicago.  The conference was attended by HR leaders from provider and payer organizations and it was a great venue to share ideas, network, and collaborate. The forum allowed the speakers, and those in attendance, to share “leaps” they have taken to innovate in their own organizations. 

As I reflected on the experience, there were a few key takeaways I left Chicago with:

1. Strong employee engagement equals positive patient experience - It seems obvious that an engaged workforce would provide better service and result in greater patient satisfaction, but organizations have not focused on this correlation in the past.  From listening to several of the speakers this connection is no longer being ignored and they're committing time, money, and resources to employee engagement.

2. Structured assessments are playing a prominent role in selection of employees - These organizations have realized that there are certain competencies and traits they can measure that will increase employee engagement, reduce turnover and ensure that they are hiring people that fit their unique culture and values. They are committing to assessment, using objective, quantitative data to inform their hiring decisions.

3. Healthcare providers are taking on more financial risk - CapitationPopulation health? Value-based healthcare? Affordable Care Organizations? These trends are requiring changes to how all healthcare is delivered.

4. Talent needs have changed - Yes, healthcare organizations still need doctors and nurses, but there are new positions in areas such as quality, finance, data analytics, hospitality and HR that haven't existed before. Organizations are looking outside of the traditional healthcare industry to find this talent.

This event is the go-to place for HR Leaders in Healthcare and I'm already looking forward to next year. Until then, we are excited to partner with our clients to come up with a few innovative “leaps” of our own along the way.

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Mike Gamble

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