September 29, 2017

Changes in healthcare, sales forces highlighted at PharmaForce 2017

We all acknowledge the healthcare landscape is changing. These changes demand new and innovative approaches. This year’s PharmaForce conference was a direct reflection of the need for change. In fact, over 50% of the speakers were new, thus providing new ideas, new thinking and new perspective.

These changes, it was agreed, mean we must reevaluate sales talent - which acts as the messenger. What are the skill sets needed to excel in this changing environment? Taylor Strategy Partners has developed an innovative and unique approach to assessing, recruiting, and hiring optimal sales talent, based on the science and study of work related behaviors.

Also front and center was the patient (a perspective whose time has finally come!) and patient centricity. There was an acknowledged need to put the customer in the “center” of your strategy. In focusing on the patient, you can have greater impact not only on the patient, but also on their healthcare providers. This patient centricity aids the practice in better serving their patients and can ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

For years, marketing and sales have often operated in silos. Never has there been more emphasis on the need to connect content (the message) with sales than at this recent conference.  And truly refreshing was the inclusion of perspectives and views from companies outside the industry. We can learn so much by leveraging ideas from other industry verticals and applying those learnings to Pharma.

The small group breakout discussions were a great way to let attendees interact with one another and, again, gain greater insights and perspectives from their peers and colleagues in the industry. We all win when we learn from others who share their best ideas and solutions.

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Deb Schnell

Even the animated and enthusiastic are amazed by the levels of Deb’s energy – and they love it. Her vitality pours into everything she does, whether it’s taking care of her clients and teammates or writing incredible poetry in her free time. She’s a winner who knows how to take things to the next level and yet she doesn’t let her altitude affect her attitude. When you meet Deb, you just know she is going to make things happen.

And she has. Deb has been working with world-class sales and marketing organizations for over 30 years with extensive experience in pharmaceutical sales and business development. Prior to TSP, Deb served in leadership roles for MNG Direct, a multi channel communication platform, Healthy Advice Networks (now Patient Point), a place-based media and patient education company, and PDI Inc., a leading health care commercialization group. She also spent over a decade at the IBM Corporation in sales, marketing, and brand management roles.

At TSP, she is leading efforts for sales force expansion engagements, designed to accelerate performance. Deb holds a Bachelor’s degree from Miami University.

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