November 5, 2018

Ask the Experts: You Applied For a Job. Now What?

You just hit “submit” and closed the tab on a job opening that could change your life. Now what?

Are you supposed to follow up? Is sending a LinkedIn message too much? What should you do next?

Every hiring manager has different preferences. But if you follow these tips, you’ll improve your chances of landing the job.


Ashley StipesDefinitely reach out after you apply. Find the hiring manager or head of the department on LinkedIn, or see if the company’s leadership page on their website includes email addresses. If they haven't already looked at your resume, they're more likely to if you follow up. Even if you aren't a good fit, I would appreciate the communication skills and would be more likely to refer you for a better role.

Ashley Stipes worked as a recruiter for several years before joining TSP to lead marketing, learning and development, and branding efforts.


Lindsay EkleberryKeep a copy of the job description to reference later. The company might take the post down when they start the interview process, so actually copy and paste it into a file so you don’t lose it. If a recruiter calls you, you’ll be able to refresh your memory on what the role entails.

Lindsay Ekleberry has worked with TSP as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator for three years.



Jarrett RowoldtIf you’re applying for a role because you really like the company, definitely send a recruiter a message to say you applied and what you like about them. If you’re actively looking for a new job, keep a tracking sheet of everything you’ve applied for. When a recruiter calls you, you want to be able to easily reference the role, when you applied, and why you’re interested.

Jarrett Rowoldt has five years of recruiting experience, currently leading a team of RPO recruiters at TSP.


Abby KripkeApply for more jobs. Even if you feel confident that you’re a great fit for the role, nothing is guaranteed. You want to keep your pipeline filled.

Abby Kripke has nearly three years of experience as a recruiter and talent acquisition specialist.





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