December 4, 2018

Ask the Experts: How Do I Succeed as a Remote Employee?

More than two-thirds of workers around the world telecommute at least once a week, according to some studies. Whether you have the flexibility to work from home occasionally or as a regular lifestyle, here are some tips to keeping your productivity up no matter what your office looks like.


Get dressed. As tempting as it may be to work in sweats all day, I find I am more productive when I get up and dressed. It also helps me stay on a schedule. Setting up a dedicated office space helps eliminate distractions and define a boundary between work and home. Also, use the tools available to you. Be an active participant on our Slack channel, or whatever means of communication your company uses, helps me stay connected to coworkers I don’t have the opportunity to see regularly.  Plus, I try to use video chat features when possible – it just adds another level of connection for those of us that can so easily feel disconnected.

-Megan Van Hoy, VP Consulting & Assessment


Be proactive and engaged in your communication. As a remote worker, a lot of the onus is on you to communicate regularly and set the tone that just because you’re remote, doesn’t mean you’re not a vital part of the team. Learn peoples voices quickly, and identify people by name as they join conference calls. As a remote leader, it is critical to have one on one conversations with your team and the extended leadership team that don’t always focus 100 percent on business. Enjoy the small talk to get to know your people. And always make the time to make people feel special.

-Angie Aldinger, VP Business Development


Be self-motivated and disciplined - and work on your technology savvy. I need to be very independent every day and complete my tasks without being prompted. In addition, it's important to be able to operate basic computer programs and any other tech you rely on for your role without calling IT for every little failure. Spend time making sure you have all your programs set up ahead of time and that you understand how they function.

-Jackie Tisch, Director, Search Team


Lets talk about challenges. On a rare occasion, sometimes my wife and children are home (maybe a snow day or school holiday) and I am working, and we have to set some boundaries. I will have to remind my family that I'm working, and that they can’t interrupt me while I'm on the clock. And when my work day is over, I always make sure to give them plenty of attention, and unplug from everything else going on.

-Ryan Angus, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager


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Nikki Lanka

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