January 10, 2019

Ask the Experts: How Do I Find a Job with a Perfect Culture?

Company culture is important for anyone who’s considering a new job. What are some red flags to look for in an interview that might indicate the culture isn’t what you’re expecting, or that it won’t be a good fit? Our recruiters sound off on what they've seen.

  1. Unexpected and non-communicated changes in the job description and responsibilities, or if they randomly interview you for another job without telling you, are signs that the culture might not be as organized as you'd like. I also recommend asking similar questions to the employees interviewing you, and listening for ways their answers may differ. (-Katlyn Young, Sr. Search Consultant) 
  2. Especially for younger professionals, listen up for the interviewer asking you about your career development—where you want to be professionally and how you define success. Companies speak to these things when they care about helping you leverage your career. Alternatively, if all you're hearing during your interview process is "this is what you will do, or you're not successful," it's potentially a sign that the company views its people as overhead and not the valuable assets they are. The most successful companies take stock in their employees, which fosters a healthy culture. (-Sarah Holecko, Search Consultant) 
  3. Look for a good sense of team spirit and whether it's a positive environment where competition is healthy, not toxic. After the interview process, if you can see yourself blending in and giving more to the company culture, then you are increasing your chances of success and finding an environment you can grow in from day one. (-Tony Julian, Search Team Leader)
  4. Look for examples of events or interests the company is involved with. These things can be an indicator of the type of culture you're seeking. Whether it be volunteering, company outings, flexible work hours, and so on - if you know what's important to you, don't be afraid to ask about it specifically. (-Glenna Halligan, Sr. Search Consultant)


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