June 30, 2016

3 Content Marketing Opportunities For Recruiters

Originally published on The Huffington Post - June 30th, 2016

I celebrated my five-year anniversary at TSP last week and a lot has changed since 2011. Not only does Cleveland have a world championship, but also how we search for talent is drastically different. When I first started at TSP as a recruiter I was required to make 50 cold calls per day on my jobs.

Today, our recruiters almost solely use LinkedIn Recruiter, and because written communication is how we primarily attract candidates initially, our successful recruiters understand the importance of content marketing.

The art of recruiting is still imperative to closing deals, however, identification and initial contact is all content marketing. The three key opportunities for content marketing are:

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Nicole Plant
Nicole is the Marketing Manager at TSP, responsible for marketing strategy, client outreach, social media, and branding for the firm. Prior to her current role, Nicole was a Search Consultant at TSP primarily placing commercial talent within pharmaceutical industry clients and service organizations. Instagram and Twitter are her favorite social media tools, posting about all things Cleveland Sports, shoes, her dog, and yummy food.
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